Sacred Names of Jesus   Sacred Names of Jesus PDF  Sacred Names of Jesus Sheet Music (April 1998 Friend)

Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus     Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus PDF

Samuel the Lamanite     Samuel the Lamanite PDF     Samuel the Lamanite Sheet Music (Friend Dec 1988)

Sariah’s Faith    Sariah’s Faith PDF (By Monica Scott)

Saturday     Saturday PDF

Savior     Savior PDF (By Melanie and Roger Hoffman)

Scripture Power     Scripture Power PDF    Scripture Power Sheet Music (Oct 1987 Friend)

Search Ponder and Pray   Search Ponder and Pray PDF

Searching for the Savior     Searching for the Savior PDF (by Blake Gillette)

Seek After These Things     Seek After These Things PDF   Seek After These Things Sheet Music (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

Seek the Lord Early     Seek the Lord Early PDF

Sent from God    Sent from God PDF    Sent From God Sheet Music (Church Website)

She Put the Music in Me     She Put the Music in Me PDF (Calee Reed)

Shine On  Shine On PDF

Silent Night     Silent Night PDF

Silent Night/A Child’s Prayer Medley Flip Chart     Silent Night/A Child’s Prayer Medley Flip Chart PDF     Silent Night/A Child’s Prayer Medley Sheet Music

Sing a Song   Sing a Song PDF

Sing Your Way Home   Sing Your Way Home PDF

Sleep Holy Child Flip Chart     Sleep Holy Child Flip Chart PDF     Sleep Holy Child Advanced Accompaniment (By Mary Ashworth & Tamara Fackrell)

Sleep Little Jesus     Sleep Little Jesus PDF

Smiles   Smiles PDF

Springtime is Coming     Springtime is Coming PDF

Stand for the Right     Stand for the Right.pdf

Stand Up

Starlight     Starlight PDF (by Monica Scott)

Starry Night in Bethlehem Flip Chart     Starry Night in Bethlehem Flip Chart PDF   Starry Night in Bethlehem Advanced Accompaniment     Starry Night in Bethlehem Simplified  (By Mary Ashworth & Tamara Fackrell)

Stars Were Gleaming     Stars Were Gleaming PDF