Had I Been a Child  Had I Been a Child PDF

Hand in Hand Together     Hand in Hand Together PDF     Hand in Hand Together Sheet Music (May 2001 Friend)

Happy Song  Happy Song PDF

Happy, Happy Birthday     Happy, Happy Birthday PDF

Hark the Herald Angel Sing     Hark The Herald Angel Sing PDF

Have a Very Happy Birthday     Have a Very Happy Birthday PDF

Have a Very Merry Christmas   Have a Very Merry Christmas PDF

Have I Done Any Good   Have I Done Any Good.PDF

He Came For Us     He Came For Us PDF   He Came For Us Sheet Music (Apr 2011 Friend)

He Came Here Just For Me     He Came Here Just For Me PDF    He Came Here Just For Me Sheet Music (by Kevin Hardy Wells)

He Died That We Might Live Again     He Died That We Might Live Again PDF

He is Born, the Child Divine     He is Born, the Child Divine PDF     He is Born, Child Divine Sheet Music (by Sally DeFord)

He is Risen     He is Risen PDF

He is the Gift    He is the Gift PDF (By Shauna Edwards)

He Knows     He Knows PDF (by Shawna Edwards)

He Lives and He Loves Me     He Lives and He Loves Me (by Anji Branch & Monica Scott)

He Sent His Son    He Sent His Son PDF

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes    Head Shoulders Knees and Toes PDF

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise    Healthy Wealthy and Wise PDF

Hearken Christ is Born Flip Chart    Hearken Christ is Born Flip Chart PDF Hearken Christ is Born Advanced Accompaniment (By Mary Ashworth & Tamara Fackrell)

Heavenly Father, Now I Pray   Heavenly Father Now I Pray PDF

Hello Song   Hello Song PDF

Hello, Friends!   Hello Friends PDF

Help Me Dear Father     Help Me Dear Father PDF

Help Us, O God, to Understand     Help Us O God to Understand PDF

Here We Are Together   Here We Are Together PDF

Heroes of the Scriptures     Heroes of the Scriptures PDF  Heroes of the Scriptures Sheet Music (June 1998 Friend)

Hinges  Hinges PDF

His Love Everywhere     His Love Everywhere PDF  His Love Everywhere Sheet Music (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

Holding Hands Around the World      Holding Hands Around the World PDF  Holding Hands Around the World Sheet Music (July 2002 Friend)

Home  Home PDF

Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth  Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth PDF

Hope of Israel     Hope of Israel PDF

Hosanna  Hosanna PDF

How Dear to God are Little Children    How Dear to God Are Little Children PDF

How Firm a Foundation v. 2 & 7     How Firm a Foundation PDF

How Great Thou Art     How Great Thou Art PDF

How Will They Know   How Will They Know PDF

Hum Your Favorite Hymn   Hum Your Favorite Hymn PDF