Walk in the Light of the Lord     Walk in the Light of the Lord PDF     Walk in the Light of the Lord Sheet Music (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

We Are Different     We Are Different PDF

We Are Reverent     We Are Reverent PDF

We Bow Our Heads     We Bow Our Heads PDF

We Ever Pray For Thee     We Ever Pray For Thee PDF

We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet     We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet PDF

We Welcome You     We Welcome You PDF

We Will Follow the Lord     We Will Follow the Lord PDF  We Will Follow the Lord Sheet Music (Friend Apr 1994)

We’ll Bring the World His Truth  We’ll Bring the World His Truth PDF

We’re All Together Again   We’re All Together Again PDF

Westward Ho     Westward Ho PDF

When Grandpa Comes   When Grandpa Comes PDF

When I Am Baptized     When I Am Baptized

When I Go to Church  When I Go To Church PDF

When I Hear My Father Pray     When i Hear My Father Pray PDF  When I Hear My Father Pray Sheet Music (Mar 1983 Ensign)

When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice     When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice PDF     When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice Sheet Music (Friend Sep 2009)

When Jesus Christ Was Baptized    When Jesus Christ Was Baptized PDF

When Joseph went to Bethlehem     When Joseph Went to Bethlehem PDF

When We’re Helping      When We’re Helping PDF

Whenever I Have to Choose       Whenever I Have to Choose PDF   Whenever I Have to Choose Sheet Music (Friend June 1997)

Whenever I Think About Pioneers     Whenever I Think About Pioneers PDF

Where Love Is   Where Love Is PDF

Where You Stand     Where You Stand PDF (by Jenny Phillips)

While Sheherds Watched Their Flocks     While Sheherds Watched Their Flocks PDF

Who is the child     Who is the Child PDF

With Wondering Awe     With Wondering Awe PDF