Sign Language was my favorite way to teach the children the songs.  Some kids would sing and sign, some would just sing, and some would just sign. Sign language helps the kinesthetic learners and visual learners.  The singing helps the auditory learners.  So all three learning styles are incorporated through singing and using sign languages.

The LDS videos are found at

I do not know how to sign fluently.  I would watch the ASL LDS Videos frame by frame and then write it up so I could remember. Each song took several hours to write up frame by frame.  Some of the videos that I watched on VHS (LOL) and DVD are different then the current LDS versions on the website, but these explanations combined with the videos should help get you started with the Sign Language.

If any of you choristers are fluent in Sign Language and Want to Help with This Project for Other Choristers, please contact me at  I would love for other songs to be added or any other song that correspond with the ASL videos on


An Angel Came to Joseph Smith ASL     An Angel Came to Joseph Smith ASL

Children Around the World Chorus ASL      Children Around the World PDF ASL

Dearest Children ASL    Dearest Children ASL

Follow the Prophet ASL   Follow the Prophet PDF ASL

Help Me Dear Father ASL   Help Me Dear Father PDF ASL

Home ASL     Home PDF ASL


I Am Like a Star ASL     I Am Like a Star ASL PDF

I Feel My Savior’s Love ASL    I Feel My Savior’s Love ASL PDF

I Know My Father Lives ASL     I Know My Father Lives ASL PDF

I Like My Birthdays ASL     I Like My Birthdays ASL PDF

I Lived in Heaven ASL     I Lived in Heaven ASL PDF

I Love to See the Temple ASL     I Love to See the Temple ASL PDF

I Will Be Valiant ASL     I Will Be Valiant ASL PDF

I’ll Seek the Lord Early ASL     I’ll Seek the Lord Early ASL PDF

If I Listen With My Heart ASL     If I Listen With My Heart ASL PDF

I Know My Father Lives ASL     I Know My Father Lives ASL PDF

I’ll Walk With You ASL     I’ll Walk With You ASL PDF

John 13:34     John 13:34

Keep the Commandments ASL     Keep the Commandments ASL PDF

Love is Spoken Here ASL  Love is Spoken Here ASL PDF

My Eternal Family ASL     I Am A Builder PDF ASL

My Heavenly Father Loves Me ASL     My Heavenly Father Loves Me ASL PDF

Scripture Power ASL     Scripture Power Chorus ASL PDF

Search Ponder and Pray ASL     Search Ponder and Pray ASL PDF

The Still Small Voice ASL     The Still Small Voice ASL PDF

This is My Beloved Son ASL     This is My Beloved Son ASL PDF

When I Am Baptized ASL