This website is powered by Tamara Ashworth Fackrell and Mary Ashworth.Tamara is an avid musician and Attorney.  She composes music, plays the piano, and loved being the LDS Chorister. Mary Ashworth is an accomplished pianist and musician.  She has taught thousands of people to play the piano, has perfect pitch, and loves to make harmony.

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Please help! If you translate any flip chart into another language, please send them back to me so that I can post them for other choristers!

Request a flip chart: I am happy to make a flip chart for you of any song needed that is being used for primary children to sing.  I can finish the chart within 16 days.  (This is done free of charge.  This is my contribution to your primary children.) If the song is not from the Children’s Friend or church magazine, Hymn Book, Primary book or lds website, we ask for a team work approach and you type in the lyrics for us in a Word Document and then we will format it and add the pictures.  Please email me at to make a flip chart request.

Do you have a music question? Mary is a musical wizard and she knows the answer, so send us an email

Do you need an arrangement made? Send us a request and we can have on done in 6 weeks or less.  Any arrangements will be shared on this website.

If you see any changes that need to be made in the flip charts let me know so I can update them on the website. With many eyes, we can eventually make all the flip charts perfect. If there are links that do not work, please also let me know.