Latter-Day Prophets    Latter-Day Prophets PDF  (With President Monson ending)

Life is O’erflowing with Beautiful Things    Life is O’erflowing with Beautiful Things PDF

Lift Up Your Voice and Sing    Lift Up Your Voice and Sing PDF

Listen, Listen    Listen Listen PDF

Little Jesus     Little Jesus PDF

Little Lamb So White and Fair     Little Lamb So White and Fair PDF

Little Pioneer Children     Little Pioneer Children PDF

Little Purple Pansies    Little Purple Pansies PDF

Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep    Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep PDF

Love Enough     Love Enough PDF  Love-Enough Sheet Music  (

Love is Spoken Here     Love is Spoken Here PDF

Love One Another    Love One Another PDF

Lullaby Little One     Lullaby Little One PDF     Lullaby Little One Sheet Music (Dec 1999 Friend)