Over 350 FREE primary flip charts used exclusively with approved LDS art from the Friend, New Era, Ensign and lds.org. Being an LDS chorister in various capacities has been a joy in my life.  I was born with music in my head.  This site is made to help LDS choristers with primary flip charts and arrangements.

My Story

I was called as an LDS Chorister in April 2008.  I vigorously looked for flip charts and printed many of them.  The issue for me was there were so many primary children in my ward, and they couldn’t see the words in the back row.  So my journey for this website began.  I started to make my own flip charts with LARGE PRINT and also with church approved images.  I was the chorister for three years.

Despite being released, I had a secret goal.  My BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) was to have a flip chart for every song in the Children’s Song Book.  Even though I know that a lot of songs may not be used, I had this desire to have my website complete. I worked on flip charts in my free time. Extra time didn’t come easy for me as I have six children and am an attorney. I taught gospel doctrine in the ward, and worked on my primary website with any extra time I could squeeze out of my life.  Twenty minutes here, two hours there…I made flip charts while we were driving for the holidays, on my extra time on Sunday, and in the wee hours of the night.  I also began to take requests to make flip charts for other people throughout the world requests on my website.

On January 4, 2016, I finished my long desired goal!  Yes, it took me over seven years.  Yes, I was released as chorister for over four years.  But I did it!  I finished a flip chart for every single song in the song book.  I was so happy to accomplish this goal. I celebrate it!  But know, I didn’t finish all of the flip charts for me, I was released years ago.  I finished all of the flip charts for you!

I have been contacted from people around the world regarding my website.  Choristers in China, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, South Africa and all over North America.  When I updated my website in November 2016, I was interested to see how many visitors that I had.  I was expecting that I would have about 5 or 10 visitors a month.  I was shocked when I saw over 300 visitors from nine different countries in just two days and over 1,000 visitors in the week.  This was unbelievable! I really had no idea that people were using it so often.  I was willing to make my flip charts for just simply the five choristers.  Actually, I was willing to do all of the flip charts just for you!

I love this idea of LDS Choristers without borders.  I had a request from a sister in Puerto Rico for Scripture Power in Spanish. She told me that she is in the primary presidency and has to do three callings because there are not enough members there. I was very humbled by the privilege of helping her. I contacted a chorister who had translated things into Spanish for other songs, and she helped with the words and I did the pictures.  Together we worked, and then quickly sent it over to the chorister in Puerto Rico.  It was a small miracle to be sure.  Every person just doing their small part. So a chorister in Utah and Mexico could help a chorister in Puerto Rico.  The Lord loves us all. Sometimes we are the receiver of that love and sometimes it is our role to give His love to others. I love being part of this World Wide Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the many people who have translated the songs into other languages for other choristers throughout the world.

I also love the time I have been able to sneak away with my amazing Mother as we have written music together and arrangements.  We have so much fun together; speaking music and harmony to one another. I got contacted by a chorister that said she was singing our arrangement for her sacrament meeting.  This thrilled me from head to toe. I have shed tears of gratitude many times, as I have had sweet words from choristers using my site.

My personal vision statement is to help people throughout the world to strengthen their relationships.  I hope that this website has provided you some extra time to spend with your families, because your flip charts are done.  I know that primary music that is imprinted in the hearts of our children makes a difference in their lives.  I love the Lord and I love this gospel, and I especially love primary children throughout the world.  So if you have downloaded a flip chart from this website, please send my love to your primary children.

I enjoy hearing the stories of the choristers that use my site.  I like to hear where you are from and success from your calling. Please take a moment to send me an email or to post a comment below. May the Lord bless you all, as you bless the children and life blood of the church and world.

With Love and Admiration to All the Choristers Throughout the World,

Tamara Fackrell