2    I Am a Child of God     I Am a Child of God PDF

4    I Lived in Heaven     I Lived in Heaven PDF

5    I Know My Father Lives   I Know My Father Lives PDF

6    Thanks To Thee     Thanks to Thee PDF

7    I Thank Thee Dear Father     I Thank Thee Dear Father PDF

8    Father We Thank Thee for the Night  Father We Thank Thee For the Night PDF

9    Can a Little Child Like Me   Can a Little Child Like Me PDF

10   Thank Thee for Everything     Thank Thee for Everything PDF

11   I’m Thankful to Be Me     I’m Thankful to Be Me

12    A Child’s Prayer     A Child’s Prayer PDF

14    I Pray in Faith    I Pray in Faith PDF

15   If With All Your Hearts     If With All Your Hearts PDF

16   Children All Over the World     Children All Over the World PDF

18   I Need My Heavenly Father      I Need My Heavenly Father PDF

19   Heavenly Father, Now I Pray   Heavenly Father Now I Pray PDF

20   A Song of Thanks    A Song of Thanks PDF

20   Thanks to Our Father     Thanks to Our Father PDF

21   For Health and Strength     For Health and Strength PDF

21   For Thy Bounteous Blessings   For Thy Bounteous Blessings PDF

22    A Prayer Song     A Prayer Song PDF

22    A Prayer     A Prayer PDF

23    Father Up Above     Father Up Above PDF

23    Heavenly Father, Now I Pray   Heavenly Father Now I Pray PDF

24   Thank Thee, Father     Thank Thee Father PDF

25    We Bow Our Heads     We Bow Our Heads PDF

25    I Love to Pray     I Love to Pray PDF

26   Reverently, Quietly   Reverently Quietly PDF

27    Reverence   Reverence PDF

27   We Are Reverent     We Are Reverent PDF

28    I Want to Be Reverent    I Want to Be Reverent PDF

28    I Will Try to Be Reverent    I Will Try to Be Reverent PDF

29   Father, I Will Reverent Be      Father, I Will Reverent Be PDF

30   This is God’s House     This Is God’s House PDF

30    Our Chapel is a Sacred Place     Our Chapel is a Sacred Place PDF

31   Reverence is Love     Reverence is Love PDF

34   He Sent His Son    He Sent His Son PDF

36 Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus     Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus PDF

37   Stars Were Gleaming     Stars Were Gleaming PDF

38   When Joseph went to Bethlehem     When Joseph Went to Bethlehem PDF

39  Little Jesus Little Jesus     Little Jesus PDF

40   There was starlight on the hillside     There Was a Starlight on the Hillside PDF

40   The Shepherd’s Carol     The Shepherd’s Carol PDF

41   Once within a lowly stable     Once Within a Lowly Stable PDF

42   Away in a Manger     Away in a Manger PDF

Away in a Manger with Descant     Away in a Manger with Descant PDF

44   Mary’s Lullaby     Mary’s Lullaby PDF

46   Who is the child     Who is the Child PDF

47   Sleep Little Jesus     Sleep Little Jesus PDF

48   Oh Hush Thee My Baby   Oh Hush Thee My Baby PDF

50   Picture a Christmas     Picture a Christmas PDF

51   Have a Very Merry Christmas   Have a Very Merry Christmas PDF

52   The Nativity Song     The Nativity Song PDF

54   Christmas Bells     Christmas Bells PDF

55   Jesus Once Was a Little Child     Jesus Once Was a Little Child PDF

56   I Think When I Read That Sweet Story      I Think When I Read That Sweet Story PDF

57   Tell Me the Stories of Jesus    Tell Me the Stories of Jesus PDF

58   Little Lamb So White and Fair     Little Lamb So White and Fair PDF

58  Jesus is Our Loving Friend     Jesus is Our Loving Friend PDF

59  Jesus Loved the Little Children      Jesus Loved the Little Children PDF

60  Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam     Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam PDF

61  Jesus Said Love Everyone      Jesus Said Love Everyone PDF

62  Beautiful Savior  Beautiful Savior PDF

64   Did Jesus Really Live Again     Did Jesus Really Live Again PDF

65  He Died That We Might Live Again     He Died That We Might Live Again PDF

66  Hosanna  Hosanna PDF

68  Easter Hosanna Easter Hosanna PDF

70  Jesus Has Risen   Jesus Has Risen PDF

71  To Think About Jesus     To Think About Jesus PDF

72  The Sacrament     The Sacrament PDF

73  Before I Take the Sacrament     Before I Take the Sacrament PDF

73   Help Us, O God, to Understand     Help Us O God to Understand PDF

74  I Feel My Savior’s Love    I Feel My Savior’s Love PDF

76  This is My Beloved Son    This is My Beloved Son PDF

77  The Church of Jesus Christ   The Church of Jesus Christ PDF

78   I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus   I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus PDF

80   Had I Been a Child  Had I Been a Child PDF

82   I Wonder When He Comes Again    I Wonder When He Comes Again PDF

86   An Angel Came to Joseph Smith PDF     An Angel Came to Joseph Smith

86   The Golden Plates     The Golden Plates PDF

87   The Sacred Grove   The Sacred Grove PDF

88   On a Golden Springtime   On a Golden Springtime PDF

89   The Priesthood is Restored    The Priesthood is Restored PDF

90   Truth From Elijah   Truth From Elijah PDF

92  The Hearts of the Children   The Hearts of the Children PDF

94   Family History     Family History PDF

95  I Love to See the Temple     I Love to See the Temple PDF

96   Faith   Faith PDF

97   God’s Love    God’s Love PDF

98   Repentance   Repentance PDF

99   Help Me Dear Father     Help Me Dear Father PDF

100  Baptism     Baptism PDF

102   When Jesus Christ Was Baptized    When Jesus Christ Was Baptized PDF

103  When I Am Baptized.    When I Am Baptized PDF

104  I Like My Birthdays   I Like My Birthdays PDF

105  The Holy Ghost     The Holy Ghost PDF

106  The Still Small Voice   The Still Small Voice PDF

107  Listen, Listen    Listen Listen PDF

108  I’ll Seek the Lord Early     I’ll Seek the Lord Early PDF

I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Piano    I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Piano Flute/Violin

109  Search Ponder and Pray   Search Ponder and Pray PDF

110 Follow the Prophet     Follow the Prophet.pdf

112  The Commandments    The Commandments PDF

114  The Books in the Old Testament  The Books in the Old Testament PDF

116  The Books in the New Testament   The Books in the New Testament PDF

118   Book of Mormon Stories     Book of Mormon Stories PDF

119  The Books in the Book of Mormon   The Books in the Book of Mormon PDF

120  Nephi’s Courage     Nephi’s Courage PDF

122-132  Articles of Faith     Articles of Faith PDF

134   Latter-Day Prophets     Latter-Day Prophets PDF  (With President Nelson ending)

135  Our Bishop  Our Bishop PDF

136  Love One Another    Love One Another PDF

138   Where Love Is   Where Love Is PDF

140  I’ll Walk With You    I’ll Walk With You PDF

142  Every Star is Different    Every Star is Different PDF

144  Shine On  Shine On PDF

145  A Special Gift Is Kindness    A Special Gift is Kindness PDF

145  Kindness Begins with Me   Kindness Begins with Me PDF

146  Keep the Commandments     Keep the Commandments PDF

148   I Want to Live the Gospel     I Want to Live the Gospel PDF

149  I Believe in Being Honest     I Believe in Being Honest PDF

150  I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing    I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing PDF

150  I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth   I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth PDF

151  I Am Glad for Many Things     I Am Glad For Many Things PDF

152  Hum Your Favorite Hymn   Hum Your Favorite Hymn PDF

153  The Lord Gave Me a Temple     The Lord Gave Me a Temple PDF

154  The Word of Wisdom    The Word of Wisdom PDF

155  Remember the Sabbath Day    Remember the Sabbath Day PDF

156  The Chapel Doors  The Chapel Doors PDF

157  When I Go to Church  When I Go To Church PDF

158  Dare to Do Right    Dare to Do Right PDF

159 Stand for the Right     Stand for the Right.pdf

160  Choose the Right Way   Choose the Right Way PDF

161  I Pledge Myself to Love the Right     I Pledge Myself to Love the Right PDF

162  I Will Be Valiant     I Will Be Valiant PDF

163   I Am Like a Star     I Am Like a Star PDF

164  I Will Follow God’s Plan    I Will Follow God’s Plan PDF

166  A Young Man Prepared    A Young Man Prepared PDF

167  Go the Second Mile  Go the Second Mile PDF

168  I Want to be a Missionary Now     I Want to be a Missionary Now PDF

169  I Hope They Call Me on a Mission     I Hope They Call Me on a Mission PDF

170 The Things I Do     The Things I Do PDF

172  We’ll Bring the World His Truth  We’ll Bring the World His Truth PDF

174  Called to Serve Him   Called to Serve Him PDF

176  Tell Me Dear Lord   Tell Me Dear Lord PDF

177  Teach Me to Walk in the Light     Teach Me to Walk in the Light PDF

178  Teacher Do You Love Me  Teacher Do You Love Me PDF

180  How Dear to God are Little Children    How Dear to God Are Little Children PDF

182  How Will They Know   How Will They Know PDF

188  Families Can Be Together Forever     Families Can Be Together Forever PDF

189  Family Prayer     Family Prayer PDF

190  Love is Spoken Here     Love is Spoken Here PDF

192  Home  Home PDF

193  Sing Your Way Home   Sing Your Way Home PDF

194  The Family   The Family PDF

195  Family Night   Family Night PDF

196  Saturday     Saturday PDF

197  A Happy Helper    A Happy Helper PDF

197  Quickly I’ll Obey   Quickly I’ll Obey PDF

198  A Happy Family  A Happy Family PDF

198 When We’re Helping      When We’re Helping PDF

199 I Have a Family Tree     I Have a Family Tree PDF

200  Grandmother  Grandmother PDF

201  When Grandpa Comes   When Grandpa Comes PDF

202 I Often Go Walking     I Often Go Walking PDF

203 My Mother Dear   My Mother Dear PDF

204  Mother, Tell Me the Story   Mother Tell Me a Story PDF

206  Mother Dear    Mother Dear PDF

206  Dearest Mother, I Love You    Dearest Mother I Love You PDF

207  Mother I Love You     Mother I Love You PDF

208  The Dearest Name     The Dearest Name PDF

209  Fathers     Fathers PDF

210  Daddy’s Homecoming     Daddy’s Homecoming PDF

211  My Dad     My Dad PDF

214 Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked     Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked PDF

215 Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey PDF

216  Little Pioneer Children     Little Pioneer Children PDF

217  Westward Ho     Westward Ho PDF

218  To Be A Pioneer   To Be a Pioneer PDF

219 The Oxcart    The Oxcart PDF

220  The Handcart Song  The Handcart Song PDF

221  Covered Wagons   Covered Wagons PDF

222  Whenever I Think About Pioneers     Whenever I Think About Pioneers PDF

224  My Country     My Country PDF

225  My Flag, My Flag     My Flag, My Flag PDF

228  My Heavenly Father Loves Me     My Heavenly Father Loves Me PDF

229  God is Watching Over All     God is Watching Over All

230  I Think the World is Glorious     I Think the World is Glorious PDF

231 All Things Bright and Beautiful     All Things Bright and Beautiful PDF

232  Beauty Everywhere   Beauty Everywhere PDF

233   The world is so lovely   The World is So Lovely PDF

234  Because God Loves Me    Because God Loves Me PDF

235  The World Is So Big   The World is So Big PDF

236  Give Said the Little Stream    Give said the Little Stream PDF

237  The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden   The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

238  Springtime is Coming     Springtime is Coming PDF

239  Because It Is Spring   Because It Is Spring PDF

240  In the Leafy Treetops     In the Leafy Treetops PDF

241  Birds in the Tree  Birds in the Tree PDF

241  Rain is Falling All Around  Rain is Falling All Around PDF

242  Popcorn Popping  Popcorn Popping PDF

243  Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep    Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep PDF

244  Little Purple Pansies    Little Purple Pansies PDF

245  Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime   Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime PDF

246  It’s Autumntime     It’s Autumntime PDF

247  Autumn Day     Autumn Day PDF

248  Falling Snow   Falling Snow PDF

249  Once There Was a Snowman   Once There Was A Snowman PDF

252  Lift Up Your Voice and Sing    Lift Up Your Voice and Sing PDF

253  Sing a Song   Sing a Song PDF

253  Fun to Do     Fun to Do PDF

254  Hello, Friends!   Hello Friends PDF

254  Our Door Is Always Open   Our Door Is Always Open PDF

255 Come with Me to Primary  Come with Me to Primary PDF

256 We Welcome You     We Welcome You PDF

258  Our Primary Colors    Our Primary Colors PDF

259 We’re All Together Again     We’re All Together Again PDF

260  Hello Song   Hello Song PDF

261  Here We Are Together   Here We Are Together PDF

262  Friends Are Fun    Friends are Fun PDF

263  We Are Different     We Are Different PDF

264  Happy Song  Happy Song PDF

265  Be Happy     Be Happy PDF

266 If You’re Happy     If You’re Happy PDF

267  Smiles   Smiles PDF

267  A Smile is Like the Sunshine  A Smile is Like Sunshine PDF

268  Two little eyes   Two Little Eyes PDF

269 I Have Two Ears     I Have Two Ears PDF

270  Two Happy Feet    Two Happy Feet PDF

271  I Wiggle    I Wiggle PDF

272 I Have Two Little Hands     I Have Two Little Hands PDF

273  My Hands     My Hands PDF

274  Roll Your Hands    Roll Your Hands PDF

275  Head Shoulders Knees and Toes    Head Shoulders Knees and Toes PDF

275  To Get Quiet  To Get Quiet PDF

276  Do As I’m Doing     Do As I’m Doing PDF

277  Hinges  Hinges PDF

278  Stand Up Stand Up PDF

279  Oh How We Love to Stand   Oh How We Love to Stand PDF

280 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise    Healthy Wealthy and Wise PDF

281  The Wise Man  The Wise Man PDF

282  Feliz Cumpleaños     Feliz Cumpleaños PDF

283  Your Happy Birthday Option 2: Your Happy Birthday Your Happy Birthday PDF

284  Happy, Happy Birthday     Happy, Happy Birthday PDF

284  Have a Very Happy Birthday     Have a Very Happy Birthday PDF

285   You’ve Had a birthday     You’ve Had a Birthday PDF