There is a Green Hill Far Away    There is a Green Hill Far Away PDF

When I Return to Him    When I Return to Him PDF     When I Return to Him Sheet Music (Friend April 2019)

I Believe in Christ     I Believe in Christ PDF

I Know that Jesus Lives.    I Know that Jesus Lives PDF     I Know the Jesus Lives Sheet Music (Friend Jan 1991)

I Knew My Father Knew    I Knew My Father Knew PDF (

Risen    Risen PDF (by Shauna Edwards)

Thanksgiving Song     Thanksgiving Song PDF    Thanksgiving-Song Sheet Music (Friend Nov 1979)

Close as a Quiet Prayer   Close as a Quiet Prayer PDF   Close as a Quiet Prayer Sheet Music (Friend March 2019)

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Tell Me the Stories of Jesus PDF (With Fourth Verse)

Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words.    Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words PDF

Let the Holy Spirit Guide      Let the Holy Spirit Guide PDF

Master the Tempest is Raging    Master the Tempest is Raging PDF

Many Names of Jesus   Many Names of Jesus PDF    Many Names of Jesus Sheet Music   (Friend April 2017)

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd.    Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd PDF

Searching for the Savior     Searching for the Savior PDF (by Blake Gillette)

We Follow the Prophet     We Follow the Prophet PDF (Ensign March 1982)

Behold the Great Redeemer Die    Behold the Great Redeemer Die PDF  (Song for the 2019 Outline)

Did You Think to Pray    Did You Think to Pray PDF (Song for the 2019 Outline)

Born to Be a King     Born to Be a King PDF     Born to Be a King Sheet Music (By Maren Ord Burnham)

He is the Gift    He is the Gift PDF (By Shauna Edwards)

My Blessings     My Blessings PDF   My Blessings Sheet Music (Friend Nov 1983)

Baby in a Manger   Baby in a Manger PDF    Baby in a Manger Sheet Music (Sally DeFord)

Starlight     Starlight PDF (by Monica Scott)

Christmas Program for Ward Choristers:

Christmas Program  Christmas Program PDF

Christmas in Zarahemla    Christmas in Zarahemla PDF

Our Christmas Story Tree      Our Christmas Story Tree PDF     Our Christmas Tree Story Sheet illusic (Friend December 2010)

Behold Your Little Ones     Behold Your Little Ones PDF (by Blake Gillette)

My Testimony is Growing    My Testimony is Growing PDF     My Testimony is Growing Sheet Music (Friend Oct 2012)

My Own Superhero      My Own Superhero PDF by Shauna Edwards

Hope of Israel     Hope of Israel PDF

Go Tell it on the Mountain    Go Tell it on the Mountain PDF

God Be With You Till We Meet Again    God Be With You Till We Meet Again PDF

Have I Done Any Good   Have I Done Any Good.PDF

I Come to the Water    I Come to the Water PDF  I Come to the Water Sheet Music (Friend Mar 2000)

Because I Have Been Given Much  Because I Have Been Given Much PDF

Visions of Christmas     Visions of Christmas PDF     Visions of Christmas Sheet Music (Ensign Dec 2016)

When I Hear of Pioneer Children     When I Hear of Pioneer Children PDF    When I Hear of Pioneer Children Sheet Music (Friend July 2016)

Peace in Christ     Peace in Christ PDF   Peace in Christ Sheet Music (Youth Song for 2018)

I See a Hero     I See a Hero PDF (by Shauna Edwards)

We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice     We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice PDF

Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth  Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth PDF

I Know Jesus Loves Me     I Know Jesus Loves Me PDF (Janice Kapp Perry)

With Priesthood Power     With Priesthood Power PDF     With Priesthood Power Sheet Music (Friend April 2018)

My Own Little Lamp     My Own Little Lamp PDF (By Lynne Perry Chistofferson)

Let Us All Press On     Let Us All Press On PDF

When a Prophet Speaks for God     When a Prophet Speaks for God PDF     When a Prophet Speaks for God Sheet Music (

Truth Restored     Truth Restored PDF     Truth Restored Sheet Music (Friend October 2005)

To Be His Child     To Be His Child.pdf (By Shauna Edwards)

Because     Because.pdf (By Shauna Edwards)

Updated Songs for our Prophet, President Nelson 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice     Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice PDF

Latter-Day Prophets     Latter-Day Prophets PDF  (With President Nelson update)

Follow the Prophet     Follow the Prophet.pdf  (With President Nelson update)

Stand for the Right     Stand for the Right.pdf  (With President Nelson update)

If I Listen with My Heart     If I Listen With My Heart.pdf  (With President Nelson update)

Light the World with Love      Light the World with Love PDF    Light the World With Love Sheet Music (Friend Jan 2018)

Here is If the Savior Stood Beside Me with Verses 1-6, instead of just verses 1, 2, and 6. All verses have updated pictures.

If the Savior Stood Beside Me Verses 1-6   If the Savior Stood Beside Me Verses 1-6.pdf

A Prophet Lives Today     A Prophet Lives Today   A Prophet Lives Today Sheet Music  (With President Nelson) (Friend October 2003)

Joseph Prayed in Faith     Joseph Prayed in Faith PDF      Joseph Prayed in Faith Sheet Music (

My Savior, My Friend     My Savior, My Friend PDF (By Julia Warren)

The Things Jesus Asks of Me     The Things Jesus Asks of Me PDF (By Lynne Perry Christofferson)

The Savior’s Gift to Me     The Savior’s Gift to Me PDF (By Annie Bailey)

Walk in the Light of the Lord     Walk in the Light of the Lord PDF     Walk in the Light of the Lord Sheet Music (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

Testimony     Testimony PDF

 Jesus Once of Humble Birth     Jesus Once of Humble Birth PDF

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer      Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored     Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored PDF     Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored Sheet Music (Friend May 2017)

Make Room For Him     Make Room For Him PDF     Make Room for Him Sheet Music (Friend Dec 2017)

Away in a Manger with Descant     Away in a Manger with Descant PDF

The Nativity     The Nativity PDF     The Nativity Sheet Music (Friend Dec 2014)

Come Worship the King     Come Worship the King PDF      Come Worship the King Sheet Music (By Sandra Govin)

He Came Here Just For Me     He Came Here Just For Me PDF    He Came Here Just For Me Sheet Music (by Kevin Hardy Wells)

He is Born, the Child Divine     He is Born, the Child Divine PDF     He is Born, Child Divine Sheet Music (by Sally DeFord)

Because the Lord Loves Me     Because the Lord Loves Me PDF   Because the Lord Loves Me Sheet Music (

Come to Bethlehem     Come to Bethlehem     Come to Bethlehem Sheet Music (Friend Dec 2012)

A Place in His Arms     A Place in His Arms PDF   A Place in His Arms Sheet Music (

I’ll Know For Myself     I’ll Know For Myself PDF (By Blake Gillette)

The Way to Bethlehem     The Way to Bethlehem PDF     The Way to Bethlehem Sheet Music (Friend Dec 2015)

Thankful  Thankful PDF (By Shauna Edwards)

Teach Me About the Temple       Teach Me About the Temple PDF   Teach Me About the Temple Sheet Music (Friend October 2017)

Samuel the Lamanite     Samuel the Lamanite PDF     Samuel the Lamanite Sheet Music (Friend Dec 1988)

Come, Lord Jesus      Come, Lord Jesus PDF     Come Lord Jesus Sheet Music (From Savior of the World Production)

Savior     Savior PDF (By Melanie and Roger Hoffman)

I Will Be What I Believe     I Will Be What I Believe PDF (by Blake Gillette)

Our Savior’s Love     Our Savior’s Love PDF

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel     Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel PDF

I Will Say a Prayer     I Will Say a Prayer PDF (Janice Kapp Perry)

The Sabbath Day     The Sabbath Day PDF   The Sabbath Day Sheet Music (Nathan Howe) (Friend Aug 2017)

He Lives and He Loves Me     He Lives and He Loves Me (by Anji Branch & Monica Scott)

Do What is Right     Do What is Right PDF

Where You Stand     Where You Stand PDF (by Jenny Phillips)

I Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ     I Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ PDF     I Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Sheet Music (Friend Oct 2007)

Ask of God     Ask of God PDF    Ask of God Sheet Music (2017 Youth Song)

She Put the Music in Me     She Put the Music in Me PDF (Calee Reed)

His Love Everywhere     His Love Everywhere PDF  His Love Everywhere Sheet Music   (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

Seek After These Things     Seek After These Things PDF   Seek After These Things Sheet Music (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

I’m a Miracle Lord     I’m a Miracle Lord PDF

All Creatures of Our God and King      All Creatures of Our God and King  PDF (Hymn 62)

Follow His Light     Follow His Light PDF     Follow His Light Sheet Music (Friend Dec 1992)

We Will Follow the Lord     We Will Follow the Lord PDF  We Will Follow the Lord Sheet Music (Friend Apr 1994)

He Lives Again     He Lives Again PDF     He Lives Again Sheet Music (By Mary Ashworth & Tamara Fackrell)

One in a Million     One in a Million PDF  One in a Million Sheet Music(Friend Feb 2011)

More Than Enough     More Than Enough PDF (by Shawna Edwards)

I Know That Jesus Loves Me     I Know That Jesus Loves Me PDF     I Know That Jesus Loves Me Sheet Music (

Think a Sacred Song     Think a Sacred Song PDF     Think a Sacred Song Sheet Music (

Gethsemane     Gethsemane PDF (By Melanie Hoffman)

An Angel to Watch Over Me     An Angel to Watch Over Me PDF     An Angel to Watch Over Me Sheet Music (By Sally DeFord) Mother’s Day Song

I’m Learning the Ways of Jesus     I’m Learning the Ways of Jesus PDF   I’m Learning the Ways of Jesus Sheet Music (Friend Nov 2010)

Jesus is My True Light     Jesus is My True Light PDF     Jesus is My True Light Sheet Music (Friend Dec 2009)

There is Love in My Family Tree     There is Love in My Family Tree PDF   There is Love in My Family Tree Sheet Music (Friend Oct 2016)

It’s Joyful to Live the Gospel     It’s Joyful to Live the Gospel PDF     It’s Joyful to Live the Gospel Sheet Music (

When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice     When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice PDF     When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice Sheet Music (Friend Sep 2009)

Whenever I Have to Choose     Whenever I Have to Choose PDF   Whenever I Have to Choose Sheet Music (Friend June 1997)

One by One     One by One PDF     One by One Sheet Music (Words by Elder Bednar New Era July 2016)

I Heard the Prophet     I Heard the Prophet PDF     I Heard the Prophet Sheet Music (Friend Oct 2011)

Glorious     Glorious PDF (By Stephanie Maybe) Song from Meet the Mormons

The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Flip Chart     The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Flip Chart PDF     The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Advanced Accompaniment     The Light Will Lead You to Jesus Simplified (By Tamara Fackrell & Mary Ashworth)

The Spirit of God     The Spirit of God PDF

Choose Him Again     Choose Him Again PDF (By Shawna Edwards)

If I Had Been in Bethlehem     If I Had Been in Bethlehem PDF     If I Had Been in Bethlehem Sheet Music (Dec 1989 Friend)

I’ll Follow Him in Faith     I’ll Follow Him in Faith PDF     I’ll Follow Him in Faith Sheet Music (Jan 2003 Friend)

I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Medley     I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Piano     I Love to See the Temple/I’ll Seek the Lord Early Flue/Violin

I Know the Scriptures are True         I Know the Scriptures are True PDF    I Know the Scriptures are True Sheet Music (Other Music)

My Covenant Path     My Covenant Path PDF   My Covenent Path Sheet Music (Sep 2014 Friend)

Because I Am a Child of God     Because I Am a Child of God PDF     Because I Am a Child of God Sheet Music (Oct 2015 Friend)

Heroes of the Scriptures     Heroes of the Scriptures PDF  Heroes of the Scriptures Sheet Music (Jun 1998 Friend)

The Book of Mormon Teaches Me     The Book of Mormon Teaches Me PDF                              The Book of Mormon Teaches Me Sheet Music (Jan 1988 Friend)

Hand in Hand Together     Hand in Hand Together PDF     Hand in Hand Together Sheet Music (May 2001 Friend)

Sacred Names of Jesus   Sacred Names of Jesus PDF  Sacred Names of Jesus Sheet Music (April 1998 Friend)

Our Savior’s Atonement   Our Savior’s Atonement PDF   Our Savior’s Atonement Sheet Music (Apr 1997 Friend)

The Scriptures Can Lead Me to Jesus   The Scriptures Can Lead Me to Jesus PDF  The Scriptures Can Me Lead to Jesus Sheet Music (May 1999 Friend)

Jesus Is My Shepherd   Jesus is My Shepherd PDF  Jesus is My Shepherd Sheet Music( Sep 2013 Liahona)

He Came For Us     He Came For Us PDF   He Came For Us Sheet Music (Apr 2011 Friend)

Life is Overflowing with Beautiful Things   Life if Overflowing with Beautiful Things PDF  Life is Overflowing With Beautiful Things Sheet Music  (Jul 2009 Friend)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives     I Know That My Redeemer Lives PDF (Hymn 136)

How Great Thou Art     How Great Thou Art PDF (Hymn 86)

I Believe in Jesus   I Believe in Jesus PDF  I Believe in jesus Sheet Music (

Over 300 Free Primary Flip Charts! To download a flip chart just double click on the underlined songs.  If you need to search for a song push CTRL F and then the find window will appear. If you have problem with the formatting try to realign margins at .3 for all sides and use the font Bernard MT Condensed font 70.  Otherwise, email me and I will send you a PDF. If there is a song that you would like completed that are not listed, please send me a special request at If you see any changes that need to be made in the flip charts let me know so I can update them on the website.

Choristers: I love to know where the flipcharts are being used.  Take a minute to post on the site where you will use the flip charts.  I have been excited to hear about choristers in the USA, France, Puerto Rico, China, Middle East, and Africa.

When I was the chorister for Primary I went and downloaded many flipcharts.  I had nearly 300 children in my primary.  The room was so filled that the teachers told me that they couldn’t read the words on the flip charts.  The words were too small.  Hence I started making my own flip charts with LARGE PRINT. I also have used clip art from LDS publications only.  Here are some tips for Flip Charts:

  • I put the Song Book page number and then page of the flip chart on the back of each page before I laminate them.
  • If you don’t want to laminate them, put them in sheet protectors
  • Make sure you print LARGE PRINT

Do You Need a Flip Chart Made? (There is no cost for this service.  It is my way of giving back to primary children.) Contact me through email at (Ready in 16 days)