Mother & Father’s Day Flip Charts from the Children’s Friend

200  Grandmother  Grandmother PDF

201  When Grandpa Comes   When Grandpa Comes PDF

202 I Often Go Walking     I Often Go Walking PDF

203  My Mother Dear   My Mother Dear PDF

204  Mother, Tell Me the Story   Mother Tell Me a Story PDF

206  Mother Dear    Mother Dear PDF

206  Dearest Mother, I Love You    Dearest Mother I Love You PDF

207  Mother I Love You     Mother I Love You PDF

208  The Dearest Name     The Dearest Name PDF

209  Fathers     Fathers PDF

210  Daddy’s Homecoming     Daddy’s Homecoming PDF

211  My Dad     My Dad PDF

Children’s Friend & Flip Charts & Other Music

An Angel to Watch Over Me     An Angel to Watch Over Me PDF     An Angel to Watch Over Me Sheet Music (By Sally DeFord)

Dad You’re Awesome Mom You’re Awesome   Dad You’re Awesome Mom You’re Awesome PDF  Dad You’re Awesome Sheet Music (

I Knew My Father Knew    I Knew My Father Knew PDF (

I See a Hero     I See a Hero PDF (by Shauna Edwards)

More Than Enough     More Than Enough PDF (by Shawna Edwards)

My Eternal Family     My Eternal Family PDF   My Eternal Family Sheet Music (

She Put the Music in Me     She Put the Music in Me PDF (Calee Reed)

The Family is of God    The Family is of God Sheet Music (Oct 2008 Friend)

Their Mothers Knew      Their Mothers Knew PDF (By Monica Scott)

When I Hear My Father Pray     When i Hear My Father Pray PDF  When I Hear My Father Pray Sheet Music (Mar 1983 Ensign)